International Development: Ideas and Actors

Amie Le Feuvre

Development Futures – It’s 2046

Sixteen years ago in 2030 the Sustainable Development Goals were completed. However much like the Millennium Development Goals in 2015 the targets were not all reached -although improvements were made. One key reason that all 17 goals were not achieved... Continue Reading →


Are celebrities a help or a hindrance to global development?

Angelina Jolie, Madonna, Bono and Bob Geldof are just some of the celebrities famous for their charity work in the developing world. This idea of celebrity humanitarianism began in 1985 with Band Aid which was a campaign to support the... Continue Reading →

Are NGOs actually improving development?

The phrase non-governmental organisation (NGO) is hard to define as it covers a wide range of organisations with different motives, structures and methods of gaining and distributing aid. (Lewis and Kanji, 2009) summarise that “an NGO is normally characterized …... Continue Reading →

What is ‘development’?

We all arrived with our own opinions on what ‘development’ was, possibly not realising that they all differed in some way. My thinking, which was quite common, was that ‘development’ is about making a positive change to disadvantaged people. Although... Continue Reading →

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